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This app can create conceptual designs and generate explicit mathematics
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The general perception of geometry is essentially interaction with the dimensions of a figure, however the Geometry Expressions 1.0 comes with astonishing capabilities in form of a geometry software package that allows the user to interact with any figure numerically as well as symbolically, rather than just dealing with its dimensions alone.

The application is a constraint based geometry system, and comes with a number of benefits such as ease of expressing real world problems, and adopts the same approach as that used in modern Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems.

More often than not, the geometric configurations are much easily specified using constraints, rather than constructions, which is why this tool serves a good opportunity to the user for dealing with geometrical figures algebraically and the user can simply put symbols in as the values of constraints and get symbolic expressions out for measurements.

Furthermore, this geometry software also helps the user in reinforcing multiple representations (both geometric as well as algebraic) of the same problem, and makes it extremely relevant in algebra, pre-calculus and calculus courses. Consequently it proves to be quite useful in university and professional engineering contexts.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Allows the user to interact with a figure numerically and symbolically


  • Novice users can’t operate fluently
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